Meet the Team


Board Members

Directors are elected by the Network from among member organizations.

head shot of team member named Greg Reader, International Teams
Greg Reader,
International Teams
headshot of team member Ryan Geleynse, EduDeo
Ryan Geleynse,
head shot of team member Allison Alley, Compassion Canada
Allison Alley,
Compassion Canada
headshot of team member Peter Lublink, BethanyKids
Peter Lublink,
headshot of team member Jose Prem,
Childcare International
Jose Prem,
Childcare International
headshot of team member Claudia Berloni, World Vision
Claudia Berloni,
World Vision


A small, but dedicated team, alongside many valued volunteers and collaborators, keeps the whole Network going.

headshot of staff member Joella Reitsma, Director of Operations and Programs
Joella Reitsma,
Director of Operations and Programs
headshot of cherry vitorino, team member
Cherry Victorino,
Administrative Assistant
headshot of staff member Laura Solberg, Executive Director
Laura Solberg,
Executive Director
Daria Nardozza,
Domestic Network Lead
A kid is reading a book

Collaboration is at the center

Organizations can’t fight poverty on their own. Get connected. We are stronger together.