REUnion COVID Considerations

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no “zero risk” when it comes to any kind of gathering – especially events that bring groups of people together. Regardless of the size of event, you are at risk of either contracting or spreading COVID-19 whenever you get together with people.

There are those among us who experience vulnerabilities themselves, or are in contact with those who do, putting them at greater risk if they come into contact with COVID-19. Because of this, Kentro is encouraging REUnion attendees to take great consideration of the ways that we can love both God and neighbour well during our time together.

We acknowledge the various ways that people experience vulnerability, including but not limited to those who:

  • Experience certain health conditions or are immunocompromised;
  • Are current or former smokers;
  • Are pregnant;
  • Are undergoing treatment;
  • Live in more crowded situations or remote areas;
  • Deal with mental health challenges;
  • Have a disability;
  • Care for or are in close contact with anyone who experiences any of the above.

While we will not be checking vaccination status of attendees, we do encourage participants to ensure their vaccinations are up to date and respectfully ask each attendee to consider the following health and safety precautions:

  • Take a rapid antigen test before attending REUnion;.
  • Monitor your health daily;
  • Out of consideration for those attending with higher health risk, we request those who are able, to wear an effective mask* while indoors;
  • Maintain appropriate distancing inside when possible;
  • Frequent hand washing;
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.

Here is what Kentro is doing to create a welcoming space that is as safe as possible for attendees. We will provide:

  • A limited number of rapid antigen tests at registration;**.
  • A limited number of effective masks throughout the event;
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes;
  • As many distancing options as the space allows;
  • Limited options for virtual engagement during the plenary sessions and AGM.

Above all, please help us create a warm and caring space by:

Acknowledging with us that there are many considerations regarding one’s own health and safety and respect others’ choices knowing that their circumstances may be different than yours;


Communicating questions, concerns or other considerations you may need addressed by Kentro in advance of the event.

We cannot 100% guarantee your health and safety at our event NOR are we going to enforce restrictions beyond the provincially mandated health orders due to our capacity constraints. But we do hope to do everything we can to make this a great time of connection that is as safe as possible for as many people as we can!

* See WHO’s COVID 19 Q & A: Masks –

** If you are able, please administer your own antigen test prior to traveling to the event. Proof of negative results are NOT required for admittance, but can ease concerns and help prevent asymptomatic spread.

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